Monday, 5 August 2013

Thinking of getting a cat?

Hello! This is SilverDawn, although I'm on Kinyonga's blogger account ;)

I decided I'd write a short article on getting a cat. 

Thinking of getting a cat? Cats make very good pets, for they are good company and very easy to look after. You don't have to walk them, and you can leave them at home when you go out for the day - two things which make them more practical to own than dogs. The only work a cat would need is feeding twice a day, a constant supply of fresh water, and changing the littertray (unless your cat lives mostly outside) every few days. When you go on holiday, it's fine to leave your cat with a responsible neighbour. 
There have been studies to show that people who have a pet are on the whole happier, and cats provide you with company, affection, and they are also fun to play with. 
It's good to get a cat as a kitten, for then they will settle in better with you. A good age to get a cat at is three to four months. A kitten younger than that should not be separated from its mother, and when they are older than that it is often too late for social training (see Kittens and Pregnancy).
Once you have your kitten, it's good if you can keep it indoors for the first few weeks, so it can settle down properly. Cuddle it and play with it, to form a relationship. 

I hope you're convinced! ;b

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cat Breed of Last Week: Russian Blue

Hello! :D 

Sorry I didn't do the Cat Breed of Last Week last week.... I won't make excuses; it was unforgivable of me. Well, better late than never I suppose X3

The Russian Blue


These pretty cats name sort of gives them away - they are cats of solid-blue coat and originate from Russia XD They are very playful, as well as rather shy around strangers. They are generally sleek, but sometimes fluffy - and they always have a beautiful blue pelt. 

PS. I may do Aegean cats the week after next :) 

Sunday, 2 June 2013



This is just to say I've updated the Cat Colours and Patterns page with the other colourings of bicolours. :3

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cat Breed of the Week: Havana Brown

Hello! This week's cat breed of the week is the...
Havana Brown
These beautiful cats are extremely rare and are a cross between a black short hair and Siamese. 
Perfect, aren't they? ^.^
The Havana Brown is the best cat for anyone who likes chocolate, don't you think?! 
They are playful yet often like to have time to themselves. They have slender bodies, pale green eyes and their heads are longer than they are wide.


Cat Feeding

Hello! :D This is SilverDawn, here with a post on what to feed your cat, when to feed your cat, et cetera.:)

Cats need feeding twice daily - once in the evening, once in the morning. Once a day they should be fed dryfood,

and once wet food, 

although this is unimportant and it is quite healthy for cats to eat scraps and leftovers. However, on no account must cats only eat tinned wetfood. It is unhealthy as it is not a balanced diet - they need also the cereals and vegetables which you get in the dryfood. Though, on the other hand, it is not great for a cat to eat only dryfood. Half-half is best. 

If a cat is used to a particular type or make of wetfood and/or dryfood and you suddenly start giving them a different sort after a while, they may be fussy and start miaowing for the sort their used to - so it's best to have them used to eating different makes of food, and leftovers. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope this is helpful! :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why cats should be allowed to go outdoors

Hello! :3

I know many people live in towns and do not let their cats outdoors due to the risk of them getting runover. This is a wise precaution, but if you have a small house without at least a terrace where your cat can go it may not be suitable for you to own a cat at all. 

It is ideal for a domestic cat, adapted to life in a human's home, to spend about half of their time inside and half outside. Or more, or less, depending on the age of the cat and what it's used to. 

Cats should be allowed to go outside, and here are some reasons why it's a good idea to let your cat go out at least a little.

  • They'll be healthier.
  • They'll enjoy themselves. 
  • They will not scratch furniture half so much. 
Of course, there are more reasons as well. They are only the main ones.  Get a cat-flap! :3

And let your cat go outside! :D If they are used to being cooped up, they may need some encouragement at first, but (unless they are old) they will soon be running about and climbing trees!

 That's Humbug, my cat, in the picture! He's nine months old, and he's enjoyed climbing trees and exploring the outdoors ever since he was one month old. 

Cats don't have to be let out, but if you live in a small house, it would be much nicer to let your cat out. Assuming, of course, it doesn't go out already. 


Cat Breed of the Week: Norwegian Forest Cat

Hello! This is SilverDawn, with the Cat Breed of the Week post. 

Norwegian Forest Cats are native to Northern Europe. They have very long, insulating fur which comes in most colours and patterns. 

They are big and strong cats, with long legs and a bushy tail. They have a lot of energy, and are wonderful hunters and climbers.
This breed has been preserved and not created, if you know what I mean. They evolved naturally. 
 In folklore, it was said that these cats could see invisible things, hear things which nothing else can, and enter places unaccessible to man. In Scandinavian mythology, they are associated with love and spirituality. 

I hope you found this interesting! I certainly did. ^.^

PS. I think I'll write a story about Norwegian Forest Cats...